5 Steps to Setting Goals & actually Achieving them

We've all been there. We've done the new years resolutions or goal setting and either didn't stick to it or gave up.

Did you know 29% of people give up on their new years resolutions before January even ends. What comes with that?

Guilt, Shame, feeling unworthy. - That's the problem, its the beating ourselves up afterwards which is the worst part of it all.

Why do most people not achieve goals then?

Because they don't have a system. Yep, there's a system for goal setting. Most people set goals without really knowing why or having a big deep desire to achieve them. Or they do but they set them unrealistically with no clear plan or timeframe on how they're going to reach them.

Step 1

Create Achievable Goals you actually want.

This means asking yourself Can I achieve this and Why do I want it. These goals are usually based around your values. Do you value, health, freedom, family?

For example you might set a goal to run half a marathon. Why? you might say because you want to challenge yourself and be fit.

However this kind of why may not get you there. It needs to be deeper. Ask yourself Why do you want to be fit and strong?

  • Do you want to be a fitter, stronger mum or dad for your kids?

  • Are you over feeling tired all the time and want to take charge of your health?

  • Is your health getting worse and you want to feel vitality again?

Keep asking yourself why, why why until you hit the deeper 'aha' moment. Thats your WHY!

Step 2

Reverse Engineer your Goals

Lets set small but achievable milestones to hit throughout the year to keep you on track to your bigger goal.

Otherwise how will you know that you’re on track?

If you plan to run a half marathon set some smaller runs every few months to achieve. This helps you stay focused and take smaller steps up that mountain instead of running straight up it. Celebrate those smaller wins too, this will boost your momentum to keep going.

Step 3

Create Balance - the 80/20 rule

Most people set health goals at the beginning of the year but please know that you can set goals whenever you like and it can be anything but I'll keep using health as an example.

Balance is key. I like to live 80% healthy and driven and 20% I eat and do what I want. You need a break sometimes and that's completely okay. As long as you know its just a break and don't go back to your previous habits take lots of little breaks, book a weekend away, organise a night out, your whole life doesn't need to be on drive all the time.

Step 4

Regular Check ins

This is such an important Step! Checking in with yourself and how you're feeling often is key. I like to journal most nights, see how I'm feeling and allow myself to be completely honest with myself and where I'm at. Journaling can be so powerful. Looking back on journal entries you'll begin to be much kinder to yourself and know when you're having a bit of a tough time, that those emotions too will pass.

Step 5


Whether that's a PT, a health coach or a community everybody needs help and support. The greatest people in the world didn't get to where they were alone, they asked for help, guidance and advice along the way. Sometimes you might need more help than other times but it's so important to reach out to either a friend, someone on the similar journey or a professional that can help you with you goals.

Whatever your goals know that you're possible of achieving anything you want, all it takes is a deep desire, some structure & support.

Ciara x


If Natural Wellness & Healing are goals of yours I offer free 30 minute Wellness calls for people experiencing stress, lack of sleep, poor digestion, no energy, moods and emotions, or feeling disconnected and overall burned out. I also work with Pets to help them overcome physical or emotional challenges.

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