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Top 5 Tips when Applying Essential Oils to your dog

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

First of all Safety check, I never recommend applying any Essential Oil to your dog without checking the purity of the oil you're using, diluting it appropriately and knowing how much to use.

This can all be found in our Dilution chart in our free eBook - Top 5 Low-tox recipes for your dog.

Tip 1

Never Apply around Face or nose

Dogs have over 300 million olfactory receptors compared to our 6 million so their noses are extra sensitive. Never apply any oils around this area.

Tip 2

Dilute, Dilute, Dilute

Never apply Essential oils undiluted on your dog, their skin can react especially if they're not used to them. Essential Oils are also volatile and highly concentrated meaning they evaporate quite quickly so by the time they reach your dogs skin through their fur most properties will be gone.

I love using Fractionated Coconut Oil but there are many different carrier oils you can use.

Tip 3

Get your dog used to Oils first by diffusing them

Diffusing Oils around your dog can just as effective as applying them topically especially for helping with calming issues. When diffusing Essential Oils first, always make sure a door is open so they can leave if the smell gets to overpowering for them, dogs always naturally know what's best for them.

Tip 4

Never apply in the ears

If your dog is suffering from ear inflammation or has an ear infection always apply the oils around the outside of the ear never inside as this can cause a major skin reaction.

Ear Care protocol can be found in my Dog Essential Oil Course

Tip 5

Always ensure that you refer to a dilution guide.

Smaller dogs or puppies for example require much less Oil than larger sized dogs. Dilution guide can also be found in Dog Essential Oil Course

Hope these tips help you gain more confidence in using Essential Oils around your pooch.

Ciara x

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Thanks , great tips !

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