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I Help Dog Owners Connect more deeply and understand their dog better. I help your dog release any stress and pain they may be holding using a combination of therapies such as Intuitive Reiki, Psychic Animal Communication, Aromatherapy and Behaviour Strategies. 


Essence to Heal

I'm Ciara- The Holistic Dog Healer

Hi Fellow Dog Mum, I'm Ciara and this is my handsome Kelpie Mix, business partner, professional cuddler and ball-obsessed boy Archie.

I am a Qualified & Certified Animal Aromatherapy Specialist, Intuitive Reiki Master Practitioner & Animal Communicator with a Diploma in Animal Science & Behaviour. I have worked with dogs in many different fields for over 12 years across Ireland, the United States, and Australia. Some of these industries included Animal Rescues, Veterinary Practices & Dog Daycares.

I Help your Dog overcome Anxiety, Pain and Behaviour Issues by focusing on the Root Source of that Stress.

While working in these industries I noticed so many dogs suffered bad anxiety due to either past experiences, fear based training and even picking up stress from their stressed out owners. Many of the dogs I worked with also had severe allergies, skin issues and suffered regular injuries.  I knew there was something missing in the care that we were providing our dogs. 

This is when I dove into studying the amazing world of Quantum Science, energy, holistic healing and developing my psychic abilities to understand our dogs better and what they actually really needed from us while working alongside reputable Dog trainers and integrative Vets.

I talk to your dog, Guide you to understand your them better, help you create a deeper connection with them while I assist  them to release emotions, stress and pain.

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What Our Happy Clients Say



"Ciara is AMAZING My 2-year-old son stopped walking, something was painful in his hips. After a week in the hospital with every blood test and full body MRI and no answers, I was sent home and told to give pain meds for a while. I resorted to holistic healing and after one session with Ciara my son was walking perfectly the next day. I could not recommend her highly enough"

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"Ciara was amazing with the work she did with my dog Rüfus. He was such an anxious little guy and after just a few Sessions from Ciara he’s so much more confident and content. I would highly recommend Ciara to anyone who has a dog with anxiety issues."


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Ciara assisted my gorgeous foster doggie Lolly with a distance healing session. Ciara has such a beautiful gift that she shares with these dear souls.
Lolly was so relaxed during her session and managed to communicate some information to Ciara about her needs and likes.
Ciara worked on clearing her chakras and shared some insight into Lollys current health conditions and emotional state.
Ciara also made Lolly some unique aromatherapy blends to support her transition from the dogs home into our home, which me massage into her arthritic areas, she LOVES this! Not only does she smell divine but she also seems more comfortable in her hips after using this for several weeks.
We have since adopted this beautiful baby angel as we could not part with her.
Having the healing session really helped me to understand what Lolly needs to heal and also gave me reassurance that she feels safe and loved 💕

I would highly recommend reaching out to Ciara for some love and and healing for your loved one's!
Thank you for sharing your beautiful gift with us Ciara! x


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My aim is to support you and your dog to finally heal the root cause of their stress, understand what they are trying to tell you and improve your connection .

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