Doterra Essential Oil

Doterra Essential Oil

During these challenging times globally we're experiencing high levels of stress, lack of sleep, poor digestion, no energy, moods and emotions, or feeling disconnected and overall burned out.

This is why Essential Oils are my absolute go to at this tough time.

Perhaps you are looking for ways to limit your exposure to toxins, reduce the chemical overwhelm your body is subjected to, perhaps you’re looking to address moods and emotions that are not in balance, maybe you’re looking for natural, safe alternatives for a beauty routine that is not tested on animals, improve your digestion, boost your immunity, help your nervous system and even sleep better.

But this won’t happen with just any essential oil: I am extremely focused on ethical, sustainable choices that help the community as a whole. That's why I choose doTERRA Essential Oils, read about their rigorous testing and how they are not only just Vet Approved  one of the most purest Essential Oils on the planet.

If you're not sure where to begin, book a free call with me & will unpack the best essential oils to support you and your family on your journey to optimal health.

The Best Essential Oils

Alternatively you can follow the below instructions and order your starter pack or oils right now.

Wholesale account &
receive membership perks

By setting up an account with doTERRA using the Essence to Heal Enroller I.D you not only receive 25% off through your account but massive membership perks.


  • Wholesale discount : 25% off.

  • Free 1:1 Wellness Consult.

  • Welcome pack bundle with oil accessories, a book, recipe sheets and a free Wild Orange Oil.

  • You get the VIP treatment, you have me and my team as your oil guides for life and have access to all my classes, team training & resources.

  • Become part of our Facebook support groups, one of which includes our upline Team alchemy which has free weekly online workshops and over 3k members for support.

How to Join:

  1. Click 'Join now' or go to

  2. Select your Country

  3. Select 'Wholesale Customer'

  4. Pick your Starter Pack (account set up fee waived)

  5. Select 'Wholesale Membership Packet' and then add in any products you'd like.

  6. Enter your details 

  7. Enter my Enroller/Sponsor I.D:6468783 in enroller details if its not already there and continue to checkout.

  8. As an option, you can choose to join the Loyalty Rewards Programme (LRP)- Highly recommended if you'd like to build your collection and get lots of freebies along the way.

  9. Done! Expect a welcome email with incredible resources from me soon after!

The Best Essential Oils