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Open the Door to a Happier & Healthier Life with Your Dog:  Experience the Transformative Power of Dog Intuitive Healing!

What will you Gain from a Distant Intuitive Healing Session ?

  • Uncover exactly what your dog is trying to tell you with Animal Communication.

  • Release any blockages in your dog's body which may be causing emotional, pain, skin, digestive, or behavioural issues.

  • Pinpoint the Root of Your Dogs Behaviour, & receive a step-by-step guide on how to overcome it.

  • Gain Clarity on Your Dogs Specific Needs- No one size fits all approach, every dog's needs are different.

  • Receive personalized Holistic Advice + Aftercare support.

(Ciara has over 13 years of experience working with dogs with behaviour challenges and health issues holistically).

What some our Clients' Humans had to say


What is Dog Intuitive Healing & How Can it Help you or your Dog?

Intuitive Healing is a unique combination of Distant Intuitive Reiki, Animal Communication, Behaviour & Holistic support to get to the Root cause & help your dog get to the bottom of any behaviour or health issues they may be experiencing.


Intuitive Distant Reiki
Reiki is an energy healing modality and is essentially life force energy, which holds the highest vibrational frequency.

During a session, this energy is channelled through the practitioner to your Dog who is receiving it. This energy helps alleviate your dog of many physical and emotional issues, Balance the Chakra system and supports the body's natural healing process.

Energy is not limited to space and time so it works exactly the same way if you're in the same room with the practitioner or you are on the other side of the world. Clients receive the exact same benefits. The only difference is you can experience the healing from your bed or couch without the long drive home afterwards.

Animal Communication

Ever wanted to know what your dog is thinking? Would you love to get into their head?

Well, Animal Communication does just that. It allows me to intuitively open up a conversation with your dog and ask your dog any questions you'd like.

The more accurate the question usually the more accurate the answers.

If there is anything you'd like to reassure your dog of, or let them know I can pass that on to them Intuitively.

Releasing any Stress your Dog may be taking on from you

I will also Tap into Imbalances in your Body that your Dog may be taking on and help release them. Dogs can often take on their human's stresses and issues, these can show in many different ways from behavioural issues to pain or discomfort in your dog. 


Behaviour Support & Holistic Remedies

A Full Aftercare Plan including Behaviour Strategies or recommended natural solutions will be provided after the session so you are fully clear moving forward with your Pooch.

Ciara conducts Intuitive Healing Sessions via zoom, so your dog can experience this through the comfort of their own home. I will start off by asking you some questions so I can best assist your dog, we will then speak about what challenges or areas of concern you'd like to work on, and then you can both lie back while listening to the relaxing meditative music and allow the healing to work its magic.




A Little about Ciara

With a combination of Intuitive Energy Healing, Akashic Record Reading, Animal Communication, Natural Therapies & Behaviour Advice Ciara helps Dogs from all ages, behaviours and issues release Stress + Pain naturally and become their Calm, Happy Selves again.


Ciara has over 13 years experience working with Dogs professionally from all backgrounds. She has a Diploma in Animal Science + Canine Behaviour. She is an Intuitive Reiki Master Practitioner, a Qualified Animal Communicator as well as a Certified Animal Aromatherapist trained by world renowned Vet Janet Roark.


Transform Your Dog's Life with Intuitive Healing: Book Your Session Below
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Gain a Calmer, Happier & Healthier Dog

Choose an Offering that works for you. Payment Plans are also available upon request. Reach out and I can organise one for you!

  • Most Popular

    Happy Hound Bundle

    The Perfect Starter Package to Gain a Calmer, Happier Dog
    Valid for 2 years
    • x3 Dog Distant Intuitive Healing Sessions
    • Usually $360 Save $35
  • Paws + Heal Bundle

    Dog + Owner Healing Bundle. A Calm Dog + Revitalised you.
    • x3 Distant Intuitive Healing Sessions
    • x1 Human Distant Intuitive Healing Session
    • Personalised Aromatherapy Pack
    • Value of $595- Save $120
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