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Intuitive Healing Sessions

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What is Intuitive Reiki & How Can it Help you or your Dog?

Intuitive Reiki
Reiki is an energy healing modality and is essentially life force energy, which holds the highest vibrational frequency. During a session this energy is channelled through the practitioner to the individual receiving it. This energy helps alleviate the individual many physical and emotional issues and supports the bodies natural healing process. I will Intuitively Communicate with your Dog during this time too to see where Imbalances are in the Body and Balance the Entire Chakra System. I will also Tap into Imbalances in your Body that your Dog may be taking on and help release them. I am a Dog Behaviour Specialist so I will then give you a full aftercare and behaviour strategy and support plan afterwards depending on what has come up.

Distant Reiki
Energy is not limited to space and time so it works exactly the same way if you're in the same room with the practitioner or you are the other side of the world. Clients receive the exact same benefits. The only difference is you can experience the healing from your bed or couch without the long drive home afterwards.

Ciara conducts Intuitive Distant Reiki via zoom so you can still have the whole experience, meet your practitioner, speak about what challenges or areas of concern you'd like to work on then just lie back while listening to the relaxing meditative music and allow the energy to work its magic.



A Little about Ciara

With a combination of Intuitive Energy Healing, Animal Communication, Natural Therapies & Behaviour Advice Ciara helps Dogs from all ages, behaviours and issues release Stress + Pain naturally and become their Calm, Happy Selves again.


Ciara has over 13 years experience working with Dogs professionally from all backgrounds. She has a Diploma in Animal Science + Canine Behaviour. She is an Intuitive Reiki Master Practitioner, a Qualified Animal Communicator as well as a Certified Animal Aromatherapist trained by world renowned Vet Janet Roark.


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