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Tips to preventing diarrhoea in my anxious dog naturally

There are many things that can cause diarrhoea in our dogs. Diet and gut inflammation can be a major contributor, check out my other blogs for diet tips.

Anxiety in particular can cause diarrhoea and an upset tummy in our stressed out dogs. For some dogs this can happen before travelling in the car, going to the groomer or vets.

Top 5 Tips for preventing diarrhoea in your Anxious Dog

1. Do not feed a big meal before travelling

This can result in an explosive car trip. Its best to avoid feeding your dog at least 4-5 hours before a possible stressful experience.

2. Natural Remedies

As an Animal Aromatherapist I highly recommend using Certified Pure Tested Grade Essential Oils to combat stress, anxiety or digestive issues our dogs.

Doterras 'Zengest' Blend is Excellent for supporting digestive issues in our dogs including Diarrhoea.

Download our Free Top 5 Recipe eBook Here. This includes our popular 'Anxious Pooch Blend'.

3. Do not leave your dog alone

If your dog is stressed to the point that they have diarrhoea its best to not leave them alone. Another Free Guide but our '4 Steps to helping your Anxious dog' is a Free 23 Page guide which provides tips to help your stressed/fearful dog.

4. Ensure you're not exposing your dog to pesticides or harsh chemicals in the home

These chemicals and pesticides can cause many harsh reactions in your dog including skin issues, fatigue, behavioural issues and of course digestive issue. If you use harsh chemical cleaners on your floors for example that is absorbing into your dogs pads and then into your bloodstream. Switch to Natural, chemical free cleaners, avoid toxic sprays and other harsh chemicals around the house.

5.Creating a low stress environment

Best way to avoid digestive issues in our anxious dog in the first place is to create a calm environment for both you and your dog. Our dogs can pick up on our stress and energy so by creating a calm and peaceful mind and body for you can result in a calmer happier dog and in turn a less stressed owner.


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