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Aromatherapy for Dogs

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The Ultimate and Unique Healing Guide to Creating a Calm, Happy Dog + Stress Free Owner using Aromatherapy. Includes: *How to Use Essential Oils Safely on your Dog Includes which Essential oils to use/avoid, which oils to avoid if there are other animals in the home, the top oils for your dog, downloadable DIY low-tox recipes eBook + Dilution Guide. *How to Support your Dogs Pain + Inflammation Naturally *3 Ways to Repel Fleas + Ticks Naturally *How to Support your Dogs Chakras & what Essential Oils to Use *4 Steps to a less Anxious Dog + a Happier Owner *Aromatherapy for Cats & Dogs Mini Course * FREE BONUS- Dog Diet and Nutrition Guide PLUS: Human Bonuses- *Essential Oils for Stress + Emotional Support *Essential Oils + Guilt Free Treats Recipes *Top Essential Oils for Cleaning *Top Essential Oils for Skin Care *How to Support you Immune System using Oils *How to Balance your Hormones using Essential Oils. *Body Scan & Rejuvenation Meditation & More OVER $900 worth of Value! DISCLAIMER: Theses courses are not designed to cure or treat any disease illness or injury. Please always seek medical advice from a vet or medical professional. This course is merely essential oil, holistic and educational safety advice. As a responsible pet owner you agree to take full responsibility for the health and safety of your pet including all costs if you decide not to follow advice given.

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