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What are the benefits of Intuitive Reiki?

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

Reiki is a relaxing, blissful energy healing modality which brings in life force energy to help you heal physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

A Reiki Practitioner is a person who helps channel this energy into different aspects of the body to help it to heal itself.

Intuitive Reiki is an additional aspect in which the practitioner picks up any intuitive and guided messages throughout the session to best help the client. This may be from guides that show up, or intuitive messages from the body which the practitioner is picking up.

What are the benefits?

Intuitive Reiki can help with healing

  • Pain

  • Emotional Pain

  • Provide Stress relief

  • Reduce anxiety

  • Help calm the body and bring it back into balance

  • Help clear past traumas

  • Promotes better wellbeing

  • Help with mental clarity and more guidance

  • Helps shift and release heavy emotional burdens

Personally, over the years Reiki has given me so much to help reduce my anxiety and become more grounded and present in everyday life. It has also helped we remain calm when experiencing day to day stresses. I have definitely experienced the ongoing calming energy of Reiki continue on for many days after sessions.

Not only has Reiki changed my life on a day to day basis but its helped change my perspective when dealing with emotional pain or challenges.

Reiki is becoming a modality which medical professionals are recognising and seeing the benefits on their patients and using as a complimentary therapy. Scientists are finally starting to acknowledge Reiki as a trusted energy healing modality. See Dr David Hamilitons experience and research here.

If you're experiencing stress, pain or worry you can book a session either in person or distant. Or if you have any more questions about how Intuitive Reiki can best help you have a read here or if you're finally ready to jump right into giving yourself some much needed self-care I would love to offer you a discounted exchange with transformational

We are coming out of a stressful time globally and are still holding much pain, grief and sadness. The beautiful modality of Reiki may be just what you need.

Ciara x


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