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8 Essential Oils to overcome seasonal bloat & cravings.

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

Did you know 29% of people give up on their fitness & health goals before end of January.

We all struggle getting out of that slump after Christmas. The first few weeks of January are possibly the hardest. It takes 30 days to create a habit but those first 30 days are really a struggle, our bodies are purging out all the Xmas food and drink & getting used to exercise and movement again.

Many people don't know that your Essential Oils can help massively with this transition from being a Nap Expert to creating healthier habits again. (I only promote doterra Essential Oils, please check bottle to ensure the oil is safe for internal use)

1.Zendocrine- The restart blend.

This is my go to blend when I'm detoxing, especially after heavy, fatty meals & drinks. It has many herbal oils such as Rosemary & Cilantro in there to help cleanse your organs and support them during this process. I recommend having plenty of water after ingesting this oil to assist with the cleansing. Applying topically to the liver & kidney area works in the same way.

2. Digestzen - The Digestive Blend

Suffering from extreme bloat from all the yummy carbs and sugar. Digestzen can help with reducing bloat, gas and help with digestion. Digestzen also helps with the discomfort of heartburn and even constipation.

3. Peppermint

In constant Fatigue & needing lots of nana naps? Diffuse, inhale or add a drop of peppermint in the water of your morning shower to perk you up and awaken your senses again. Peppermint is one of the most under rated Essential Oils when it comes to fatigue and brain fog. Peppermint is also an excellent oil to support with those withdrawal headaches when applied diluted topically to the temples and forehead. Peppermint provides a cooling affect to the body making it a great addition to your collection in the summer months.

4. Motivate

Speaking of fatigue, Motivate helps with exactly that, motivation. Excellent to diffuse in the office when getting back to work. With mint and vanilla it creates a beautiful aroma as well as having an uplifting affect. Motivation helps with confidence, apply topically on the neck or chest area before a meeting or call.

5. Smart & Sassy - The Active Blend

A must have when creating healthier habits. Its benefits are endless, helps boost metabolism, curb sugar cravings, simulates lymphatic system, helps cleanse vital organs, helps regulate appetite and balance sugar levels.


Add 1 drop into your water to help with sugar cravings. Grapefruit helps emotionally with body acceptance and positive body image. Grapefruit is a beautiful uplifting Essential Oil and an excellent oil to add to the collection to embrace a healthier, happier body image.

7. Lemon

We all know lemon water first thing in the morning helps alkalise the body and cleanse the liver. A high alkalised body prevents chronic illness and disease so adding fresh lemon or lemon essential oil (hello, handy pop in the bag) to your daily routine is a must.

8. Ice Blue Rub

One of the most popular products for aches, pains and tension so an absolute necessity for those of you with fitness goals. We all know the first few weeks of exercise are the toughest, not to mention the muscle pains. Ice blue before and after exercise creates a cooling affect & helps with muscle recovery and healing.

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Ciara x


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