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The Top 10 Essential Oils for Beginners

Essential Oils, you've either heard of them before and want to know more or you know they've got endless benefits but don't know where to start. Lets condense it down and talk about the Top 10 Essential Oils for Beginners.

(The following Essential Oils are doterra, it's the only brand I use and love due to purity and rigorous testing)

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The Protective Blend, this blend is the Ultimate Immune support blend. When diffused it helps kill bacteria and air borne germs as well as eliminating odours. Medical Studies have shown OnGuard Essential Oil can assist with supporting the body when experiencing a viral illness.

The Onguard range also has soap, cleaner concentrate and laundry deteregent for household use. Applying OnGuard Essential Oils topically (on the skin) can help boost & support the immune system all year round.


We all know Lavender is amazing for calming the mind and body but did you know Lavender is also high antibacterial and healing. It helps massively with any skin issues such as sunburn, insect bites, dermatitis & so much more.


Cleanser for the body, yes doterras Lemon Essential Oil can be added to your food or water. 1 drop in the morning helps cleanse the body and refresh & uplift the mind. Lemon is also a fantastic oil to add to your cleaning routine to replace hard, toxic chemicals. Adding 10-12 drops in a glass spray bottle topped up with a tiny bit of white vinegar and water makes the best and cheapest multipurpose spray. Not only does it freshen the air & kill bacteria in when diffusing it also freshens and sterilises surfaces.


Uplifting, brings on focus when inhaled. Excellent addition to water or tea, 1 drop is equivalent to 20 cups of regular peppermint tea, thats how potent it is. Peppermint is not only uplifting helping with those afternoon pick me ups but it helps relieve head tension and pain. Peppermint can also help cool the body when its overheating and has been known to support fevers and help regulate the bodies temperature again.

5.Tea Tree

Another highly antibacterial Essential Oil. Excellent for adding to your skin care routine to support blemishes. Tea tree is also extremely grounding and help when you're feeling a bit scattered. It also helps you empaths with energetic boundaries protecting your energy.


The ultimate antibacterial Oil, an amazing support for when you're ill. This Oil acts like a natural anti-biotic and supports the body to rid harmful pathogens. An excellent oil to support you back to health. Oregano is classed as a 'hot' oil meaning its extremely powerful and strong, extra carrier oil is needed when diluting and 1 drop is more than enough at any given time. Oregano is also a great addition to your meals for you foodies.


The King of Oils. Supports absolutely everything from skin, to calming to pain relief it also amplifies the properties of any other oil its blended with. If I had to choose 1 oil to always have in your collection its Frankie.

8.Ice Blue

Aches, pains & tension, Ice blue is such a powerful oil to help before and after workouts, general body aches and pains. For anyone that uses either the single oil or the rub version swears by it. It cuts that muscle pain after a workout in half if you even experience any at all.

9.Easy Air

Respiratory Support, Easy air helps relive congestion, restriction, helps with sinus inflammation, snoring and basically everything respiratory related. Its an excellent addition to add to your collection as you never know when you may need it.


Supports everything Digestion related. Whether you've eaten too much, you have an upset stomach, you have reflux, heartburn or constipation digestzen helps support it all.

There you have it, the top 10 Essential Oils for beginners. These oils come together in 2 different starter pack collection options. click here to learn more.

The Home Essentials Kit

2. The Family Essentials Kit

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Ciara x

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