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Are you a Female Dog Owner Concerned about your Dogs Anxiety or Wellness Issue?

Finally be able to Heal The Root Cause of your Dogs Issues... Once and For All.. and Stop Wasting Money on Expensive Harsh Products that don't work.

Introducing the Virtual Dog Training Academy

Holistic Hound Academy

The Holistic Hound Academy will give you...


Be able to leave the house Guilt Free without worrying about your best friend stressing without you there.


Knowing the methods taught have been scientifically proven to add years of happiness, health & vitality to your dogs life.


Know that every tip, strategy + recipe I teach is coming from over 12 years qualified experience in the Pet Wellness Industry. It is 100% positive, Certfied Natural + Vet approved.

Financial Ease

Finally not stress about wasting money on harsh, expensive products & services that just aren't working any more.

Holistic Hound Academy Collection

Does this sound like you?

  • Your dogs relatively happy but you know you're not meeting their needs 100%

  • You're frustrated + feel hopeless with tried and failed quick fix products + services that can be causing more harm than good.

  • You want to be able to communicate and understand your dogs needs better.

  • You want direct access to a qualified + experienced holistic expert who you trust and can actually help you with your dogs root pain & stress without the constant, expensive band aiding.

  • You feel like a bad owner sometimes and you feel guilty that you can't just take your dogs pain and stress away.

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What do you get as a Holistic Hound Academy Member
  • Be able to Interpret signs of stress + anxiety in your dog and learn how to get to the root problem instead of treating the symptoms and FINALLY overcome it.

  • You will be able to use Natural Remedies such as Vet approved Essential Oils safely & effectively on & around your dog to combat any ailement or issue.

  • Full access to 20+ of my highly practical and implementable courses + recorded Webinars each moving you along to becoming a more confident, energised & stress free dog owner.

  • Monthly access, no lock in contracts, cancel anytime.

  • Step by Step Secrets to overcoming past fears and behavioural issues finally getting rid of the root cause creating a calmer dog and happier owner.

  • Access courses + downloadable BONUS eBooks ,Dilution Guides, Self-Care Formulas + Mediations, Safe Aromatherapy for Cats, Horses and Humans too.

  • Exclusive access to our Members Only private Facebook Group to connect, ask questions & share with likeminded dog owners.

  • Gain access to 10+ downloadable eBooks & everyday natural recipe guides to help with everything from - Anxiety, Skin Issues, Ear Irritation, Pain + Inflammation, Bad Breath, Fleas + Ticks, Training + Focus, Separation Anxiety + more.

  • Access to Specialist approved -Highest Quality Certified Tested Grade Essential Oils on the planet - at a discounted rate.

  • Create a powerful connection and greater understanding with your dog.

  • Be fully able to communicate with your dog and understand what they are telling you.

  • Uncover a reading list of my go-to Books + Videos of some of the top leaders in the Holistic Animal Wellness Space

  • You will have access to Monthly courses, Group Challenges and Webinars at no extra cost.

Here are some of the Online Courses and books that are already waiting for you in the members area...

Of course there's lots more but these are some of the most popular.

4 Steps to a less anxious dog and happier owner Book


How to use essential oil safety on your dog Book


How to support your dog chakras & what essential oils you can use books


3 ways to repel fleas + ticks naturally without the harsh chemicals books


How to help support your dogs pain & inflammation naturally books


Mini Course of Aromatherapy for dogs and cats


Peoples Hound Hub – see updates & upcoming course schedule
Dog low tox living mini course and ebook


Essential oil for stress & emotional support book


No lock in contracts, cancel anytime.

Take sneak peak at the courses & webinars that are coming up for the next 6 months (all included in your membership)...

Courses & Webinars
Over $1,000 worth of valued content!!

(no lock in contracts, cancel anytime)

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Meet your Instructor

The Instructor Ciara

I'm Ciara- The Holistic Dog Healer.

I am a Qualified & Certified Animal Aromatherapy Specialist & Intuitive Reiki Master Practitioner with a background in Animal Science & Behaviour. I have worked with dogs in many different fields for over 12 years across Ireland, the United States and Australia. Some of these industries included Animal Rescues, Veterinary Practices & Dog Daycares.


While working in these industries I noticed so many dogs suffered bad anxiety due to either past experiences, fear based training and even picking up stress from their stressed out owners. Many of the dogs I worked with also had severe allergies, skin issues and suffered regular injuries. 

I knew there was something missing in the care that we were providing our dogs and it killed me to see it on a regular basis. 

Having a great passion for Natural and Holistic Health I began to Certify in Natural healing courses to learn how to combat these issues in our dogs and be able for us and our dogs to improve our connection and live longer, healthier, happier lives together.


After discovering the shocking truth about the chemicals us and our pets are exposed to on a daily basis, the stress that's causing illness and disease I knew this is what I am here to do and teach alternative, safer and easier ways to care for our dogs without the overwhelm and huge expense. I  now help educate people on low-tox living for themselves and their dogs using Aromatherapy, Intuitive Reiki and other natural healing tools. 

Don't get me wrong, I believe the Medical Industry is amazing and so beneficial, but I fell we rely on just this one way of care way to much without seeing the whole picture. There is not 1 size fits all, every dog is different and individual and their wellness should be approached in that way.


I would love to live in a world where we were able to fully merge the medical and natural wellness industry so we can look after us and our pets from a Whole-istic approach. I have worked with hundreds of people + their dogs and I can't wait to support you and your best friend too.

My aim is to provide you with all the natural options, tips and healing you can give you and your dog while still seeing your trusted Vet regularly when needed.

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